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Promoting Financial Management Capacity and Creating Value for the Enterprise -The 2019 Annual Finance Center Working Conference was Convened Successfully

2019-05-31 61 Share

From May 23 to May 24, the 2019 Annual Finance Center Working Conference of Shuanglin Group was successfully convened at Ninghai Hot Spring Hotel. Led by Chief Financial Officer Shi Min and Deputy Chief Financial Officer Ge Weijun of the joint-stock company, the conference focused on the theme of how financial accounting transforms into management accounting. The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on how, after financial sharing, financial staff change roles, conduct financial management and create value for the group.

Training on Tax Reduction Policy and Standardizing Basic Operations

At the outset of the training program, Mrs Wang Xihong, a senior tax expert from Zhejiang Province, explained the application of the newly-introduced tax reduction policy, and put forth operational suggestions on the work of financial staff in consideration of actual business operations. Afterward, Minister Tian Xiaoping explained the standards for basic accounting work and pointed out common problems in daily basic financial work in a bid to enhance the quality and efficiency of operation.

Sharing Management Insights and Rewarding Outstanding Employees

The managers of each module in the Financial Center reviewed problems that existed in 2018’s financial operations and offered their own views and ideas on asset management, cost management, accounting management and financial analysis improvement, laying a better foundation to advance operations in all areas in 2019. 

After the sharing of management views, the joint-stock company rewarded financial staff who had performed well and achieved outstanding academic results (receiving senior or intermediate professional titles) in the past year. Shi Min, Ge Weijun and other leaders presented the awards and took group photos to mark the occasion.

Explaining Financial Sharing and Discussing Financial Transformation

On the morning of the 24th, Sun Zhen, Manager of Inspur, briefed Shuanglin Financial Sharing Center on topics including blueprint introduction, sharing systems, reimbursement platforms, system operation introduction, etc. Zhou Rui introduced the auditing system, sharing operation and tax administration in a GS sharing system, so as to allow financial staff better understand the significance of financial sharing. 

In the afternoon, all staff were divided into 6 groups, and held active discussions and reports on the theme "what should financial staff do upon establishment of a financial sharing center", in a bid to discover good solutions and methods.

After the discussion ended, Ge Weijun, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the joint-stock company, presented preliminary the management accounting plans  to all financial staff, raised expectations for future financial work, and outlined the scope and responsibilities of management accounting. In the future, financial staff’s direction of thought will be this: how to transition from financial accounting to management accounting. 

Shi Min, Chief Financial Officer of the joint-stock company, delivered a concluding speech. Manager Shi remarked that as the company develops and reforms, how financial staff rise to the challenges that appear and create value for the company through indirect management is a problem that every member of the financial staff must consider. Manager Shi holds that the financial staff indirectly creates value for the company, and that financial staffers contribute to the company's performance growth through cost control, expense control, and more. Therefore, our financial staff should not be content with the current state of the  operational process, and should instead learn to look forward and embody the function of financial management. Moreover, we should work with care, patience and a sense of responsibility, and carry out financial management by staying true to our mission so that in the end, we can achieve the results we all wish for: creating value for the enterprise.