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[Extra] The 10th session of Shuanglin Funny Run event  (Shanghai Station) with the slogan "One-step ahead, enjoying the running way" heatedly starts ! !

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Shuanglin special event – Funny Run

It eventually started in the expectation of all Shuanglin people

On November 22nd, Qingpu Qinyuan Lake Greenland Plaza

The Funny Run this time is different from those ever before.

The theme of this time is “One-step ahead, enjoying the running way”

Based on healthy funny run

integrating into the torch relay section

To make the concept of “happy work, healthy life” rooted in

the hearts of every Shuanglin people through relay

Cut the crap 

Come and follow me to see the things in Shanghai Station!

----Sign in----

More than 150 people attended this event.

The event was full of enthusiasm and crowds. Everyone left their names on the wall and takes photos for commemoration.

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At the beginning of the event, Chen Youfu, the deputy general manager of the company, mobilized the participants. He said: Funny Run is a traditional cultural activity of Shuanglin. Funny Run has been insisted for five years and has been held for ten sessions. Funny Run is not only a fitness competition for our company, but also a brand activity that carries the special cultural concept of Shuanglin. The theme of this Funny Run is “one-step ahead, enjoying the running way”, which is a good interpretation of Shuanglin’s philosophy and advocacy concept. “One-step ahead” encourages Shuanglin people to always run ahead like lions and antelopes. “Enjoying the running way” encourages our Shuanglin people to enjoy the joy of running to realize “happy work, healthy life”.

The torch relay ceremony is creatively integrated into this event, which is an implied meaning of the culture of Shuanglin, the philosophy of Shuanglin, and the concept of Shuanglin to pass by the torch. It is passed on to factories and residences of Shuanglin across the country and passed on to the heart of every Shuanglin person. This provides a strong spiritual drive for Shuanglin to realize a new round of development.

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---Warm Up----

Warm-up before the game is a top priority that cannot be ignored! Come and warm up with Minister Ma! Twist your waist to exercise your bones!

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- ---Torch Relay ----

The Funny Run of this session integrates with torch relay ceremony, thereby breaking the simple running in the past, it connects the Funny Run activities of the factories across the country in series through the torch relay while emphasizing the Shuanglin culture, so that the Shuanglin culture can be passed on.

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--- Team Show ---

The event is conducted in teams and set to 8 teams. In order to ensure the relatively fair and reasonable teaming, the teams are composed by lottery. The team members’ age, gender and number of person of each team are close to each other. By hearing their team names: one-step ahead team, the king-lion team, the gale team, the Megatron team, the purple-blue team, the environmental team, the lion team, the brown trace team, you can know that everyone is ready to start with strong vigour.

Cut the crap, just take a quick look at the team show in each group.

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- Healthy Funny Run -

Running up! Each team member carries forward the spirit of perseverance and runs throughout the whole process, and they play their full way. They pursue their dreams with their footsteps and interpret culture with action.

The cheerleaders on both sides shout out the warm and inspiring cheers, giving the players endless motivation, which is the strength of the team.

Look, everyone’s highlight moment is really very NICE~

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-Award Ceremony-

Individual award

Group award

After fierce competition, Chen Guojun from the Enterprise Management Center won the first prize of the men's Funny Run with a score of 20'12′′, and the first prize of the women's Funny Run was obtained by Gao Zhong of the Information Technology Center with a score of 24′17′′.

The Environmental Team (Green Team) won the Team Winner with a minimum total time of 24'48".

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- Group Photo -

We are together

So our smiles are more brilliant

Healthy life, happy work

It is the life philosophy that our Shuanglin people have always followed.

Through this event

Shuanglin people have a deeper understanding and feeling


This is just the beginning

Shuanglin culture and spirit will be passed on to the hearts of all Shuanglin people along with the relay of the torch

We are here

Let’s wait and see!

Shuanglin Torch Relay Schematic Diagram