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The Quality Month is going on | Keep in mind and practice in action

2018-09-28 111 Share

Each business division enthusiastically responded to the call of quality month and actively carried out quality activities.

Accessories Division

Improve quality and reduce cost; implement Total Quality Management

Time: September 5

Place: Ninghai

On September 5, 2018, the opening ceremony of the Accessories Division Quality Month Event was held solemnly in Ninghai. Chen Youfu, deputy general manager of the company, Liu Xudong, general manager of the division, Cai Xinghai, general manager assistant, Tan Qingchun, quality director of the Accessories Division, various functional leaders of the Accessories Division, as well as the factory director, quality section chief, and employees of functional departments and Xincheng Factory I have attended the meeting.

The factory director Wu Xinghui unveiled the curtain of Quality Month Event with a speech. He expressed his determination to minimize internal loss. Then the Quality Center reported the implementation plan of the Quality Month Event, and Tan first affirmed the better quality performance of the first half of 2018 in the client compared to 2017, put forward improvement schemes for reduction of quality loss in strict accordance with the requirements of 5+7, decomposed the requirements for statistical analysis of quality loss to each department, workshop, team and responsible person in the form of the amount of loss, and also emphasized that "the quality of people (ability, attitude) determines the quality of work, and the quality of work leads to the quality of products".

At the meeting, Mr. Chen put forward the necessity of strengthening and attaching importance to the control of various factors and change points of product quality, forming a good atmosphere for problem solving, and putting emphasis on the requirement of cultivating quality team.

Finally, Mr. Liu of the division made specific requirements and summary of the current Quality Month Event, and highlighted its spirits. Leaders of each factory and quality section chief should act as the first person responsible for quality, and quality personnel should be confident and proud of their work, and should establish prestige in the quality control of the factory, so as to require all employees to practice the Total Quality Management and achieve the ultimate goal of improving quality and reducing cost. All departments have been fully committed to this Quality Month Event.

Hub Bearing Division

New Torch Practice Quality Month

Time: August 27

Place: Xiangyang, Hubei

In response to the Quality Month Event themed "practicing the Total Quality Management and exceeding customer expectations", the middle and senior leaders of the company actively organized and carried out the publicity of the Quality Month Event.

This Event is organized and implemented by the Quality Assurance Center, coordinated and cooperated by all departments, with all members participating in it:

  • Quality always has the highest priority;

  • Everyone is the first responsible person for quality;

  • Do things right the first time;

  • Do not accept, produce and issue defective products. 

It interpreted the theme of this Quality Month Event, "practicing the Total Quality Management and exceeding customer expectations".

The main activities of this Quality Month include:

  • Theme promotion

  • Quality training

  • Knowledge competition (theory + site)

  • Skill contest (detection rate, evaluation rate; FTQ; 8D)

  • Cross audit

  • Sharing of improved cases 

  • Workshop seminars 

The participants come from various departments including quality, manufacturing, technology, administration and human resources. Besides, the organization unit has applied for part of the monthly activity funds as the award of quality activity competition. The Quality Month Event happens in September 2018, and the activity summary will be made in October 2018. It will encourage all staff to keep a meticulous attitude towards quality, endlessly pursue quality improvement, and contribute to the construction of superior quality.